Echoes from the Field

Amom Charity Scholarship Program for Orphans and Vulnerable Children 2012-2013 | Mid Rerm Report, January 2013

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  • Number of Schools Involved: 20
  • Number of beneficial children: 25
  • School fees/ learning material packets: 25
  • Final Examination Registration Assistance: 03
  • Special Rescued and Rehabilitation cases: 03
  • Overall distance covered for monitoring and evaluation : 460 Km
  • Total cost of M&E: 1:134.500 Frs cfa (Approx: $2,5211)
  • Total Number of Children directly Evaluated by program Coordinator: 25

Amom Charity Scholarship Program for OVC 2012-2013 School year

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We render immense gratitude firstly to:

Afowiri Fondzenyuy (Kitz) for favourably considering this area for the programme and to Dr. Enaka Yembe for providing the principal funds.

We also thank Rev. Sr. Nicole Nchanji for covering part of the transport costs; Rev. Frs. Julius Javsinla and Pontianus Tardzenyuy for part of the lodging cost for the Program coordinator. We are grateful to Madame Cathy Akai and family for providing a car and driver for this Monitoring and Evaluation exercise. We thank the Catholic Education Secretary, his staff and teachers for their collaboration and assistance on the field. And lastly but not the least, we cannot forget to thank the various OVCs, their parents and guardians for their faith and confidence in Amom Charity. May God abundantly replenish the sources of those who support Amom Charity.

Marius Berinyuy, Esq. Amom Program Coordinator Cameroon.