Our Vision

Our VisionAmom Foundation’s vision is to improve, facilitate and provide access to education for children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds in the entire Central African Region. The organization functions from the premise that education of the young is an indispensable tool for future generations to maintain and sustain development as well as to alleviate themselves from the burden of poverty and ignorance.

Our efforts are currently invested in spreading our model to the entire 10 administrative regions in Cameroon from which we can evaluate long-term feasibility, sustainability and impact assessment before expanding to other countries in Africa. We believe in involving all facets of civil society to achieve our mission. The Catholic Mission currently provides a vast and expansive network of pre-school and primary education to a large number of poor and underprivileged children in Cameroon. We have partnered with the Catholic Mission to utilize their vast network of rural educational missions to execute low-cost projects that impact thousands of children of school going age.

We are working on creating partnerships with the government and other private sector education providers to expand our outreach through our projects as well as creating an open forum where education providers can meet to identify the challenges and propose efficient solutions. It is our belief that providing education for the young generation is an indispensable part of poverty alleviation in sub-Saharan Africa.

It is a fundamental right that every child should have access to an educational system which should provide the foundations of critical thought from which talent and genius can flourish and subsequently help in sustainable development and the mitigation of poverty. Denying this basic right to the youngest and most underprivileged of our world (an especially in the forgotten hinterlands of rural sub-Saharan Africa) seals their fate to an uncertain and destitute future; the catalysts for change in society is the education of the young.

In our 4 years of operation, our projects have impacted the lives of over 18,000 school children and we are projecting that our outreach will grow geometrically in the subsequent years.