Reconstruction of St. Louis Catholic Primary School Nfiengong


Thanks to Halliburton for funding this project. A Special thank you to the Halliburton team Cameroon especially Mr. Sandeep Kumar for his trust and continuous support. Also thanks to Mr. Olivier Mebara for his dedication to see the project to fruition. We look forward to foster this partnership by working together in future projects that will show the outreach of Halliburton to many students in need in different regions.



Airial view

Veranda View

Single Block Front View


  1. Introduction

In 2011, the Catholic Education Secretary of the Diocese of Kumbo appealed and invited Amom Charity to the premises of St. Louis Catholic Primary School Nfiengong that had suffered a violent wind storm reducing the entire classrooms structures to debris. The Amom Charity team visited and appreciated the situation on the ground. School children and their teachers were stranded as they had nowhere to carry out their classroom activities. It looked like the end of formal education to most of the children who were too young to trek to neighboring villages for their education.

  1. The Green Light

Amom Charity in-turn appealed to Halliburton who readily accepted to fund the first phase of the reconstruction works comprising 03 classrooms, 01 office, 01 store and a Pit latrine for the school as proposed by Amom Charity.

  1. The Good News

On Saturday 27th September, during a meeting held at the Fon’s Palace (Local Chief) bringing together the Fon of Njap and his Council, Community leaders, the Catholic Education Authorities, teachers and Amom Charity team, news of Halliburton acceptance to reconstruct some classrooms was broken amidst thunderous applause. The Fon and his subjects pledged unflinching support to Halliburton and Amom Charity.

  1. Launching Ceremony

On Saturday October 25th 2014, a twelve man team from Halliburton led by Mr. Olivier Mebara joined the Amom Charity team and the local population of Njap led by His Royal Highness the Fon of Njap on the construction site to lay the foundation stone marking the official kick-off of the reconstruction works.

  1. Work Proper

Effective work began on the October 15th, 2014 with mobilization and assembling of construction materials. With the existence of very few building resources in Njap, we acquired material from distant towns. During the months of October and November, the rains were still very heavy and made transportation of building resources very difficult on account of bad roads. Stones, sand and gravel and other building materials were transported by heavy duty trucks from Misaje, Kungi, Lassin and Nkambe – an average of 40 km from the construction site. Cement, iron rods and other industrial materials were acquired and transported from Kumbo, 70 km away.

  1. Human Resources

It was the intension of Amom Charity to make use of local skilled and unskilled labor but unfortunately, none was available. Skilled and unskilled labor was recruited from Kumbo to work with the team of Amom Charity technicians throughout the construction period.

Unskilled Labor Skilled Labor

  1. The Building Plan and Cost Estimates

Initially, the building designed indicated a single straight block of 03 classrooms, an office and a store. The block was to carry a two face roof. After a careful study of the atmospheric condition of Nfiengong and its climate, the invited expert consultant advised on a two blocks structure facing a common ground with each carrying a 4 head roof for phase one. Subsequently, a two phase apartment of 03 classrooms shall face one of the phase one block thereby forming an enclosure that can easily be fenced thereby protecting the children from straying during school time.

This necessary alteration brought up the cost of the construction work by about 15%. The cost estimates as submitted to Halliburton were done before the price hikes on goods in Cameroon due to the global increase in fuel prices. At the period of construction works, prices had increase for both material, services and labor some up to 20%.

Initial Window

New Construction

Final View

  1. The Construction Technology

The technology used in this construction work is a newly adopted innovation which is stronger and adaptive to local climatic condition. This technology supports the use of local materials in modern technology. It is also cost effective and environmental friendly. It comprises using earth from the locality to compress blocks which is the dominant material for erection of walls.

The foundation on which the walls are erected is done predominantly with basalt and granite stones, iron rods for frames and cement mortar for joints. A 20cm layer of concrete gravel is cast round the stone foundation to hold it together while forming a smooth and level surface for the walls.

Seasoned wood was used for door and window frames, saches, shutters and roofs. Corrugated aluminum sheets were used for covering the roofs. Industrial plywood board was used for ceiling in the rooms and at the 2 meters veranda in front of the classrooms.

The buildings are supported and reinforced by concrete pillars within the walls, angles and on the veranda. The walls are plastered with a rich mixture of sand and cement mortar. When dry, the walls are painted firstly with white wash, then a good coat of emulsion paint and oil base paint for skirting, frames, saches and shutters. The floors are done with a rich mixture of concrete gravel, sand and cement.

  1. The Final Product

From 15 October 2014 to Saturday, 21 February 2015, a beautiful structure

comprising 3 blocks of 03 classrooms, 01 office, 01 store and a pit Latrine of 08 rooms is realized for St. Louis Catholic Primary School Nfiengong-Njap as proposed. The side wall facing the village and entrance to the school compound carries the following inscription:

  1. Challenges Faced.
    • Prolonged raining season
    • Increase cost of materials and labor
    • Transportation difficulties due to bad roads
    • Additional cost incurred on alterations and modifications of building plan
    • Poor Collaboration from the local Community.
  1. Projections
  • Urgent need for student benches, teachers tables and chairs


Amom Charity shall forever remain grateful to Halliburton for the realization of this project. We look forward to a lasting and more fruitful relation.

Afowiri Fondzenyuy(Kitz)

Managing Director

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