English Text Books for Catholic School Ndzengwev and Catholic School Roh-bui

Basic English for CameroThe purchase of 252 copies of the English Textbooks for 2 pilot primary schools in the Diocese of Kumbo – Catholic School Ndzengwev and Catholic School Roh-Bui.  At the moment, the agency runs 60 nursery schools, 115 primary schools and 15 secondary schools.  She has an enrolment of about 2,554 kids in nursery schools, 14, 109 pupils in the primary and 3,249 students in the secondary schools.  She has employed about 600 nursery and primary school teachers and 233 secondary school teachers.   

The ideal learning situation is for each child to own and use his/her own copy of the English Reader alongside the teacher as he teaches. 252 copies of The English Textbooks and iron boxes for storage cost 1,000,000Francs CFA (2,225 US Dollars).  The end result is that children are poor in communication.  They find it difficult to express themselves in speaking, writing, hearing and understanding in English. This affects other subjects of the curriculum that are done in English with the realization of this project students read by reading more, gain the ability of improve writing skills and strategy use build fluency and enlarge vocabulary

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Picture: Basic English for Cameroon

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  • Amom Charity approved the supply of 126 copies of English Reader each to Catholic School Tabenken and Catholic School Binshua worth FCFA 1,000,000 (USD 2,225.00).
  • Amom charity launched the fund raising initiative to raise FCFA 4,528,000 ($9,056.00) to supply a total of 1,050 English Readers for Catholic School Jakiri, Catholic School Melim and Catholic School.

Created a Strategic Partnership (a 50/50 cost split) with Akum Community in Houston to supply Laboratory Equipment to GHS Akum worth FCFA 1,086,000.00. C:\Documents and Settings\LogMeInRemoteUser.OFFICE-2C0AC2C1\Desktop\Amom Charity Pictures\GHS A.jpg

We provided computer flash boards for 70 nursery schools, 120 primary schools in the Bui and Donga Mantung Division

  • We officially launched our office in Cameroon at the Franco Alliance center in Bamendawhich was attended by community leader, different religious groups and journalists.C:\Documents and Settings\LogMeInRemoteUser.OFFICE-2C0AC2C1\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\284294_10150252268094753_273707059752_7406139_4708456_n.jpg

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  • The work of Amom Charity was featured in major national newspapers in Cameroon- The post, Eden, Cameroon Tribune and l’effortCameroonais.
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  • Amom created a Cameroon Board of directors made up of a Reverend priest, Judge, Statistician, Financier and Educationist with over 60 years of cumulative experience in their career and nonprofit sector.

Future Partners

In March 2012 the Founder AfowiriFondzenyuy made a trip to Bangladesh and India where he spent 8 weeks to create partners and learn about different models in Education and Social Business. The idea behind the trip was to learn successful social development models, at the same time make contacts with potential future Amom partners. 

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 He visited and met with Grameen sister companies in Bangladesh,Pratham in India where I got to visit Pratham Mysore and Delhi, and the ASER program.

Below, you will find a summary of my trip and areas visited. 

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  • Grameen Bank – Microfinance 
  • Grameen Shakti – Renewable Energy ( Improved Cooking Stove, Biogas and Solar Energy)
  • GrameenKaylan – Education and Welfare
  • GrameenDanone – Malnutrition through Yogurt

Yunus Center (http://www.muhammadyunus.org/) Social Business Model

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  • Grameen Trust – Facilitate replication of Grameen Bank
  • Grameen Eye Care hospital – Eye operations and other related eye issues
  • GrameenTextile -Textile

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  • AksharaFoundation (http://www.akshara.org.in/)
  • Skill development  through Government Schools ( Pre-school program, in school programs, capacity building)  
  • Pratham, Delhi & Mysore – (http://www.pratham.org/) Improve literacy by providing quality education to underprivilegedchildren in India through in Mysore
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  • ASER (http://www.asercentre.org/) – Annual Survey Evaluation Research 
  • Going to School (http://goingtoschool.com/) – Teach entrepreneurial skills to children through stories and practice, inspire them through radio series and epic movies, to pioneer enterprises that solve social problems.
  • TERI (http://www.teriin.org/index.php) –  Tackle and deal with the immense and acute problems in energy resources which are largely non-renewable.
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He met with executives of the aforementioned organizations and discussed at length on how Amom can have a great impact in the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) by adopting their sustainable development programs. He is in discussions with some of them on the resources required to facilitate the south- south partnership which is the best way identified so far to overcome some of our major challenges.C:\Documents and Settings\AMOM CHARITY OFFICE\Desktop\7HNiX0fqEMpW5lHpFF43xIrfnO7nAFJ7vPc-h1rLFNA.jpg

  Models to consider

  • Yunus Centre – Adopting a social business enterprise model by DrYunus. A social Business Enterprise http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_business
  • Akshara Foundation – Offered to provide us with resources and material to help adopt their models in public schools
  • ASER – Work with UWEZO, the East African version, to facilitate adoption of the model in Central Africa and connect us with established donors
  • Grameen Shakti – Adopt technology on how to build Improved Cooking Stove (ICS) to help the rural women over come kitchen pollution that cause other related health issues and reduces deforestation. Also gave contact on how to start of a solar energy business
  • Grameen Bank – Adoption of the Microfinance model 
  • Going to School – Help Amom get an MOU with the Cameroon government and get Master Card to sponsor the project
  • Goingtoschool – Teach entrepreneurship to Grade 9 students in government schools.

Our Board of Directors/Governors


 Michele Simms, PhD is an Associate Professor of Management and Ethics at the University Of St. Thomas Cameron School Of Business And Co- director of the University Center for Faculty Excellence. 

Sameer Sheikh: Currently Assistant to the President at Grameen Foundation. Sameer graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics.

Dr. Bonaventure Ngu: Chief Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Sadler Clinic Houston – Texas. Dr.Ngu graduated Suma Cum Laude – Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering earned a Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. 

Ashish Gupta: Chartered Financial Analyst with over 11years of experience He currently serves as the President of Pratham’s Austin Chapter.  Pratham is the largest non-profit dedicated toward improving child literacy rates, witha particular focus on India. 

AfowiriKizitoFondzenyuy:  A Social Entrepreneur and Finance Professional, he has a B.Sc in Economics and Agribusiness,  MBA in International Business from the University of St. Thomas in Houston – Texas, a Master’s Degree in Finance from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Leadership Certificates from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is Recipient of the Greater Houston Business Ethics Scholarship Award for his work on Amom Charity.


 Rev. ZephyrinusYemMbuhis a Roman Catholic Priest and is currently serving as the Education Secretary of the Diocese of Kumbo. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and in Theology from the St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, Bambui and a Master’s in Sacred Liturgy (PontificioAteneoSant’Anselmo) Roma. 

George A. NGWA isjournalist, university lecturer and U.N diplomat. Heholds a Ph.D in Journalism (Illinois) and aMasters in Public and International Affairs (MPIA). 

Justice Vivian VerlaNdzeMbaki  is a Judge and  President of the High Court of Ngoketunjia. She has served for over 14 years as a prosecutor and judge and is credited with settling numerous landmark cases. She holds an LLM from the Yaounde University and a Diploma in Magistracy. She brings to Amom Charity a legal perspective any decision made.

Sebastian F. Dzekashuis a Subject Matter Expert in taxation. He has worked variously as an Audit Inspector, Divisional Inspector of Taxes, Deputy Provincial Inspector of Taxes, National Internal Audit Inspector of Taxes, and as Sub-Director in charge of the National Brigade for Internal Audit of Tax Service.  He obtained a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and is a graduate of the National School of Administration and Magistracy, Yaounde where he specialized in Taxation.  

John LukongFondzenyuy, is a councillor in the Bamenda City Council after working for 29 years with the Cameroon Government as a statistician and adviser. He holds a B.Sc. in Statistics (Makerere, Uganda), a Diploma in Demography (Cairo Demographic Centre, Egypt) and a Masters in Demography from the Australian National University, Canberra. 

Sendze Francis Chai is the President of Catholic Mission Bota Church Committee he worked as an executive with the Cameroon Development 

Corporation (CDC).MrSendze 

obtained a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Business Administration from Ahmadou Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. He brings to Amom Charity a vast array of experience in community development. 

Langha nee Tumasang Judith Ngum is currently Head of Department of Biology and Human Biology, G.S.S Macha – Bambui. She is holder of Higher Teacher’s Diploma and has taught Chemistry, Biology and Human biology for 26 years.  

FondzeyufAloysiaTakeh is an educator with over 30 years of teaching experience. She is currently teaching English at Government Technical High School Bamenda. Holds a BA in Modern Letters and a C.A.P.E.S both from the University of Yaounde and an M.Ed from the University of Manchester (England).



Source         Amount (USD) 
Silent Auction 3,910.00 
5K walk 900.00 
Corporate Donation 5,000.00 
Sky Diving 2,000.00 
Akum Project 1,265.00 
Donations from Donors 1,215.00 
Kitz Fondzenyuy Donations 12,448.54 
University of St Thomas 200.00 
Total 26,938.54 
  • Total Expenditure = $ 26,938.54 
    • United States includes project execution plus operation cost


Items Cost 
Projects – Cost of books & Others20,338.54
Printing and copying 300.00 
Telecommunications 200.00 
Travel and meetings 500.00 
Marketing and advertising 500.00 
Transportation to Cameroon 500.00 
Other ( Western Union Fees, Mailing and Printing) 800.00 
General administration (“X” %) 500.00 
Fundraising (T-Shirts, Banners, Bracelets, Water) 500.00 
Sky Diving event 500.00 
Website hosting online tools (Comindwork, Constant contact, Grant station etc.) 700.00 
Silent Auction 500.00 
Grant Application 300.00 
Opening a P.O Box Charlotte 300.00 
Launching of Amom Cameroon 500.00 
Total 26,938.54

Annual Financial Summary

  • Total Revenue = 26,938.50
  • Total Expenditure = 26,938.50
  • Net Income = 0.00
C:\Documents and Settings\AMOM CHARITY OFFICE\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Annual Report 6.jpg

Picture: Basic English for Cameroon.

Amom Charity Team thanks all of her friends in USA for your unwavering support, record our deepest appreciation for your investment in the lives of those who are less fortunate than we are, and urge you to continue with your kind gesture to the improvement of some our poorest communities.

With your support we will keep changing the lives of this children one at a time.

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P. O. Box 220045 Charlotte, North Carolina 28222 USA

Tel: 1-888-767-0791

P. O. Box 797 Bamenda, Northwest Region, Cameroon

Tel: +011-237-333-622-48

email: info@amomcharity.com


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