Binshua and Tabenken

Binshua and TabenkenPurpose

We purchased 252 copies of the English Textbook for 2 primary schools in the Diocese of Kumbo – Catholic School Binshua and Catholic School Tabenken.

The Problem

  • The Diocese of Kumbo is in the English speaking region of Cameroon where every-day communication in schools, churches, homes, and business is mostly done in English. English is the first official language in this part of the country. The second is French even though there is this national campaign for Bilingualism. Every Cameroonian must make an effort to understand and communicate in both languages. Since the parents are poor, they find it very difficult to buy textbooks for their children.
  • The teachers are expected to teach English and French Language every-day. Effective teaching demands that the children have and use their own personal copies of the English Reader alongside the teachers as he/she is teaching, reading for example. But in most cases it is the teacher who has his/her own copy of the reader.
  • Much time and pain are taken to share exercises in the one copy of the teacher to each and every child in the class. The end result is that children are poor in communication. They find it difficult to express self in speaking, writing, hearing and understanding in English and French. This affects other subjects of the curriculum that are done in both languages.


The ideal learning situation is for each child to own and use his/her own copy of the Bilingual Reader alongside the teacher as he teaches. Since this will entail huge amount of money we shall attempt only a partial solution. Two pilot schools have been chosen in Donga Mantung Division, since the first two beneficiary schools were in Bui Division, and 21 copies of the English Textbook will be given to each class of these two schools. During English lessons, the teacher will arrange children in 21 groups and each group given a copy of the textbook to use on the direction of the teacher. At the end of the lesson, the teacher will collect the books for safe keeping in the school.

Project Cost

The Bilingual Textbooks and Iron Boxes for storage Cost = 1,000,000 Francs CFA (2,225 US Dollars)


The enrollment of Catholic School Binshua and Catholic School Tabenken is usually above 250 pupils every year. With the realization of this project the enrollment should rise in due course to about 350 pupils per school, giving a total of 700. This is the maximum rise in enrollment that we anticipate, but it will take a couple of years to arrive at that.

  • This school year Binshua has started with an enrollment of 210 and Tabenken 212. This project will help the pupils to become better readers, since they will have the English Reader at their disposal and be helped to read well.
  • Through the use of the reader student will be able to improve on their ability to speak the English Language. As of now the pupils are very shy when it comes to speaking English and practically majority of them are lost when it comes to reading. This project will help them improve on their reading skills.
  • Through our partners, we identify projects in Cameroonian villages that are in need of education facilities and provide assistance based on our capacity and reach.