Text Books on Nursery Rhymes

Text Books on Nursery RhymesIntroduction

In partnership with Catholic Education agency of the Diocese of Kumbo that runs 55 nursery schools, 114 primary schools and 2 secondary schools spread out in 25 parishes. The Diocese of Kumbo includes two political Administrative Divisions – Bui and Donga/Mantung. There are 1,508 boys and 1,535 girls making a total of 3,043 kids in these 55 Nursery schools. They are taught by 110 teachers who are assisted by 55 Nursery Aiders.


Since the harmonization of Basic Education in Cameroon, and for the English Sub- System in particular, Nursery Education has become an importance and necessary part of Basic Education. A child is supposed to acquire nursery education before proceeding to the primary school Ideally each primary school is supposed to have a nursery attached or nearby. For that reason, at the moment the Diocese of Kumbo has created and running 55 Nursery schools and will continue to create more once the means are available.The teaching and learning of Rhymes in the Nursery schools constitute a good foundation for Languages and oral communication and its educational value on other areas cannot be over emphasized. Good Nursery Rhymes cuts across curriculum and transmit long lasting messages and information on a variety of subjects

Over the years our teachers have taught Rhymes from bits and pieces gathered from different books and papers. Hardly, have they be a single volume on Nursery Rhymes that that suits our standard.These textbooks are for nursery 1 and 2 and for primary 1 class 2 and for primary 1 class. We acquired 110 copies for our 55 Nursery schools.

Project Cost

A single copy is sold at 2,000 Francs CFA (USD 4.44)

Total sum of 220,000 Francs CFA (USD 488.89)

Project Impact

This project reached out to 3,043 kids