Autism, Education, Ebola: 3rd World Record And Why Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy Is Running His 15th Marathon in Toghu

On April 17th, 2023, Cameroonian born Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy also known as Kitz will be amongst 30,000 runners chosen to complete the world’s most renowned and prestigious marathon in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. – The Boston Marathon.

 The Boston marathon started in 1897 making it the world’s oldest marathon and due to its  strict qualifying standards, it is also considered every runner’s dream to participate at this global event

Kitz has decided to celebrate this great event of running through four hills and eight towns of Boston by running in Toghu, a traditional attire worn by people from the northwest regions in Cameroon.  His goal is to raise funds to help reduce global illiteracy, bring awareness to autism and showcase his rich heritage from the grasslands of Cameroon.

 He recently made history in the London and Athen Authentic Marathons (26.2 miles ~ 42.16 km)  by being the first and fastest person in the world to complete a marathon in Toghu.

How it Began –  Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, USA  – 2011 

Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy ran his first Marathon so he can raise money to buy books for some orphan children in Africa. 

He was running to raise $6,000 which will also be used to help these children get a good education. It had a great impact and he had to run again in New York.

In 2013 in New York, he ran to raise $10,000 to help construct school blocks and supply didactic materials to schools in Cameroon.

He has so far ran to raise $121,325 in 14 marathons in four countries. He will be looking to raise another $10,000 in April 2023.

Education, Ebola, Autism, Research And Other Reasons 

With the majority of his reasons centered on education, Kitz has also run for other reasons that are geared towards improving the lives of people in impoverished regions in Africa.

With children being the most beneficiaries in his Marathon missions, he has also run to raise money for Ebola victims and improved girl child education at the Chicago and Baltimore Marathons, respectively.

Kizito ran to raise money for research on the feasibility study for Uganda to implement Citizen Led Assessment in Cameroon.

He also ran to raise funds for a research that will measure the literacy rate of kids between 6-15 years in Cameroon.

Running On Toghu And The 3rd World Record

In 2021 Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy became the first person to ever run a marathon in Toghu. 

He ran the entire  26.2 miles (42.16 km)  of the London Marathon in Toghu, raising $6,500 for research that will help make life better for children living with Autism.

The London Marathon was an exciting experience for Kitz who then decided to keep up with the tempo by doing the same at the Authentic Athens Marathon in Greece, where he raised $27,000 for a research that will measure the literacy rate of kids between 6-15 years in Cameroon.

The report has since been presented to the Ministry of Education in Cameroon with strong recommendations.

With the London and Athens Marathons run in Toghu, Kitz will be doing the same at the Boston Marathon where he is expected to raise $10,000 to improve youth literacy in the USA and Cameroon.

This is also a followup on the reason he ran last year in Athens, to help implement the recommendations of the previou report.

Will You Run With Kitz?

Now nicknamed the ‘Toghu Marathoner’, Kitz is using the outfit to draw more attention to what he is doing.

This year he said he wants as many people as possible to run with him by donating to support the cause.

“I am glad people want to run the 26.6 miles with me, and I appreciate the support as well as others who will still come on board”, Kitz said.

Running with Kitz at the Boston Marathon involves helping him raise $10,000. You can do that donating through GiveGain by clicking HERE or scanning the QR code.

Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy said that attempting a third world record is fantastic, but the main goal is completing the entire miles, raising the funds and seeing to the betterment of the lives of the potential beneficiaries.

Will you run with Kitz? CLICK HERE.

See full details of all the marathons run by Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy

YearMarathonLocationCountryCause (Cameroon)Amount Raised ($)
2011Thunder Road Marathon in CharlotteCharlotte NCUSABuy books and sponsor orphans 6,000
2013New York MarathonNew York CityUSAConstruction of school and supply of didactic materials to schools in Cameroon10,000
2014Novant Health MarathonCharlotte NCUSAConstruction of school50,000
2014Chicago MarathonIllinoisUSAEbola3,000
2015Marine CorpMarathonWashington DCUSABuy pro
2015Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah MarathonGeorgiaUSASupply books to primary schools3,125
2016Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah MarathonGeorgiaUSABuy school furniture2.300
2018Baltimore MarathonMarylandUSAEducate the girl child2,400
2018Richmond MarathonVirginiaUSASponsor orphans2000
2019Houston MarathonTexasUSAFeasibility study for Uganda to implement Citizen Led Assessment in Cameroon6,000
2019Berlin MarathonBerlinGermanyAutism3,000
2021London MarathonLondonUKAutism6.500
2022Authentic Athens MarathonAthensGreeceMeasure of literacy rate of kids between 6-15$27,000