Afowiri Fondzenyuy To Complete 367 Marathon  Miles In Boston, While Running On Toghu

Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy will be running 26.2 miles at the Boston Marathon to raise money for school children in Cameroon. 

Afowiri who is also known as Kitz will be running the marathon on North Western Cameron outfit, Toghu, something he had previously done at the London and Athens marathons. 

Kitz, who is passionate about impactful education for children, said it is the only way to solve the lingering economic situation in the country. 

“We need to bring up kids with the right skillset and mindset”

“We need ro have school leavers who can directly make impact in the society by having skills that can help them create jobs or get one” 

“Education is not complete without those skills”, Kitz, who will be running his 14th marathon in Boston said. 

Having run more than 341 miles in 13 Marathons, Afowiri Kizito Fondzenyuy is hoping to add another 26.2 miles to that tally on April 17, 2023 when he will be achieving a world record of running three marathons in Toghu at the Boston Marathon. 

He said that running to solve educational problems is one thing, adding that showing the world the kind of beauty that can come from Cameroon is another. 

“I always feel I’m representing a lot of people on the track: the donors, my culture and heritage, the potential beneficiaries, owners and lovers of Toghu, my friends and family” 

“For me, it’s a privilege to do this and i always appreciate the support from the donors and everyone working with me on this project” 

“It is important for us to understand that good and quality education can change a whole lot in Africa especially. 

“Practical and impactful education is important because it is the true foundation for building  a better future and its leaders” he said. 
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